During his studies, Dietmar Eberle discovered two people who are important for his thinking about architecture. Hannes Meyer is one of them. He is the second Bauhaus director, who formulates the orientations and methods of architecture in an almost phrase-like unambiguity. The other is Josef Frank. In his biography he makes such a clear distinction between architecture and its surface that the surface has become more important to him than architecture. This continues to occupy Dietmar Eberle to this day. In Vienna, Dietmar Eberle learned the connection between architecture and the subtlety of architecture’s furnishings, that can also be described as the independence of surfaces.

In his designs, he attaches great importance to creating a meaningful relationship between effort and utility value. The main focus of his work is to give a hint of future in this dialogue, what many also call poetry. The challenge here is to make a contribution in a globalised world that comes only from an understanding of the respective cultural and historical backgrounds.

DEE is the result of a long acquaintance where mutual esteem and respect are crucial. The different product lines created within the partnership between DEE and their cooperation partners are the result of an encounter of different people, divers places and certain times. Gregor Eichinger and Dietmar Eberle have been designing high-quality and unique pieces of furniture since 2018, renowned for their contemporary, modern Viennese design.

Honours and Memberships

Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA)

Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants for Tyrol and Vorarlberg

Bavarian Chamber of Architects

Swiss Engineering and Architecture Association

L'Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils (OAI) Du Grand Duc de Luxembourg

President of the Board in the Association for the promotion of age- and generation-friendly construction