Gregor Eichinger works in Vienna, a city full of history. The great cultural interrelations that have developed over time in the monarchy have left their mark on Viennese design. During his studies of architecture at the TU Vienna, his passion for Viennese design has arised.

There are many well-known but also less well-known designers, architects and artists who have influenced Gregor Eichinger during his career. Even now, new personalities are constantly being added. He deliberately does not have a focus on design. For him, design is always about attitude and innovation, about how to approach the task emotionally. This is then reflected in the design. In this respect, it does not matter whether you design a birdhouse, a door handle for a wardrobe or an entire city.

Viennese design has a lot to do with craftsmanship. One of the last great powers of Viennese design are the ‘Wiener Werkstätten’. They were founded by architects and thus run by artists, but are run as craft workshops. One of the characteristics was to get away from the overloaded creations, which were mainly meant to represent and were not usable. Instead, they wanted to create designs that were elegant, but also usable. At the time of the ‘Wiener Werkstätten’, something had begun with this which, in various levels and different manifestations, still plays a leading role in Viennese design and thus also in the designs of DEE today.

DEE’s cooperation partners have already made an important contribution to Viennese design. Viennese elegance plays an important role in the cooperation. Dietmar Eberle and Gregor Eichinger have known each other for many years and complement each other in their work. They create high-quality and unique pieces of furniture, known for their contemporary, modern Viennese design.


State Award for Promoting Experimental Tendencies in Architecture

Prize for Architecture of the city of Vienna

Bauherrenpreis Award of the Central Association of Architects

Red Dot Design Award

Good Design Award

Lower Austrian Prize for Timber Construction for the House Birkensee